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“Ninth Power of Universe - Absorption”
54" x 54" acrylic and misted diluted acrylic on canvas

The power of absorption is about the Universe wanting to bring about the event of dissolution. The forms of objects live in space in just the same way that elementary particles live in Space before they leap into existence. The varieties of form are inorganic form, living form, feeling form, and conscious self-awareness. When things drop their form they are absorbed back into Space...the Quantum void...the all-nourishing abyss—that place that harbored the form in the first place.
Each of our lives is a dramatic adventure where Universe as a whole is attempting to bring something new, something beautiful into existence. And, just as we arise out of the great achievements of the past, our lives—to the degree to which they stay true to this deep impulse from the cosmological unconscious—will be transformed at death into an ongoing living cause touching with love all future generations.
When I listened inside myself to the sound of absorption there was a fuzzy, spritzing, spraying, dissolving buzz. I knew I wanted dispersment of color, spotty texture and a representation of falling apart...or falling together of particles. So I began to see how many specks of different colors of paint I could get to adhere to the canvas...hundreds became thousands...that became several million...and these began to take on a dimensionality that seemed to flow with the life of deep space.