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“Second Power of Universe - Attraction”
54" x 54" acrylic on canvas

The power of attraction is at work everywhere incessantly drawing Universe into new form. This power permeates the entire Universe...invisible, intangible, odorless, and silent, the cosmological power of attraction binds all things together. At the scale of the entire Universe, it is the force that draws all the stars into the swirling dance we call the Milky Way Galaxy. In the mid range of Cosmos, where the animals live, the Cosmological power of attraction, is that which keeps the cell of our bodies together as we run, love, swim, think and move through all the adventures of our lives. At the smallest range, just discovered in the twentieth century—the Power of Attraction holds three quarks together in the stable community identified as the proton.
As Attraction moved through my body I felt a pull first one way and then another...a scent, a color, a sound...a hunger, a longing...an allurement...it is always at work in us, all around us and everywhere...it is focused action.
Remember, as we participate with the flow of surging energies we do our part to evolve the nature of existence itself.
“That to which you are drawn has been calling you from the beginning.”