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“Fifth Power of Universe - Cataclysm”
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas

Is the Universe a place of destruction?
Or is the Universe a place of creativity?
Is the Universe a place of both destruction and of creativity?
If the Universe is both, will one of the two win out in the end? Is it possible that the full determination is thus still open at this time, and that we find ourselves inside an ongoing struggle between the forces of destruction and the forces of creativity and that OUR participation could possibly determine which of these two fearsome truths becomes the final truth?
Or, is it rather the case that there will never be a final winner and that such either-or thinking comes from the human and is then imposed on the Universe? Are destruction and creativity perhaps woven together in an eternal dance of being?
And that nothing more can be said?
Cataclysm is rooted in perseverance...Universe keeps showing up and trying something new after every so-called disaster...death... 65 million years ago a 6 mile wide meteor ended the Mesozoic era with mass extinctions and made possible the proliferation of mammals and finally humans....perseverance.
My studio needed to be covered in plastic from floor to ceiling as I found the part of me that needs to throw things...paint for example, to be able to illustrate what looked like destruction to me....it felt powerful...and necessary.