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“Third Power of Universe - Creativity”
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas

Creation refers not only to the totality of all that is, but to the totality of all that has been and shall be, and all processes—known and unknown—by which all that exists issues forth. The law of creation is that action, or a set of actions, by which Universe and everything in it has been created or is being created—generated and evolved—by imagination, invention, design, or chance. It is a miracle that Universe has assembled itself into this great complexity through all the powers moving ceaselessly toward whatever may be next. Universe is a massive, living, interconnected system, which evolves through intricate and mysterious attraction.
In rare moments our consciousness marvels over the magnificence of the creativity at the base of our individual existence...then we realize that the entire drama has led to each of us and our specific qualities and characteristics! YOU are one of the ways in which Universe now creates itself.
All of that power is within you! You are a womb of creativity capable of generating gifts of beauty. Such generosity is the hope of Universe!
Painting creativity was a strange, explorative and responsive process...one thing led to the next and asked for the next color or stroke...or texture or upward sweep...it quite surely created itself.