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Space (Detail)

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Space Detail
“Space” (detail)
Full piece is 36" x 72" acrylic with mediums on canvas

In just the last 20 years we have learned that space is a wildly generative place where newness flares forth constantly...a place that is not only expanding but accelerating! The notion from Democritus 2500 years ago that space is a void has been proven false. Space is not only the generative womb of matter; it is also the grave—which takes the Universe back into itself. Universe is a creative matrix that is inherently alive where everything is connected to everything else. There is a deep longing that burns for what might yet come forth...we are, all of us—whether electron, or star or human—both the space that gives birth to this longing as well as the matter in which this longing can finally be fulfilled.
Some of what you see are my interpretation of images I saw from the Hubble Telescope...in no particular order except what pleased my sense of space.
Space was the first image to be painted in the entire series of Cosmological Powers. Much of this piece was inspired by actual images from the Hubble telescope.