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“Eighth Power of Universe - Symbolization”
54" x 54" acrylic, medium, mixed media/collage on canvas

Looking around...we humans are surrounded by symbols...we are the only species we know of that invented a way to pass our knowing on to others...long ago we made marks on cave walls and we have progressed to these intricate symbols you are now reading.
In this new cosmology, symbols are understood as the creative energy of transformation that pervades the Universe from the very first instant. When we speak, when we paint, when we create films, when we negotiate treaties, when we give form to laws, we are in fact the creative energy in a new form of symbolization. Three very different ways Universe created to pass on information are that of our physical structure; that of DNA; and that of human symbolic systems. Our destiny as humans is to become a way Universe captures moments of beauty and wisdom and makes these available to the wider human community so that it might deepen its manifestation of ultimate love.
My curiosity took over when I began to look for symbols to add to my collection of our common alphabet and ordinary numerical representations of ways to pass on information ...I added symbols from Greece, Rome, Germany, and North American Indian traditions. There are symbols whose origins stem from hobos,, alchemy, religion, astrology, as well as a moon chart, buttons, money, music, stock charts, the periodic table, the caduceus and hundreds more...see how many you can find.