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“Tenth Power of Universe - Radiance”
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas

In some ways this power is a summary of all the other powers for it depends on all of them and it also leads back to the beginning. The Cosmological Power of Radiance is that which enables each being in Universe to radiate its essence out into the Universe moment by moment by moment. Each being is initially brought forth out of the ultimate depths of Universe but then, after a certain interval of time which might be microseconds and might be billions of years it dissolves and radiates out into all other beings.
All that we are radiates incessantly into the hearts and bodies of others. In each moment the depths of soul from throughout the world come streaming into us and become us instant after instant.
Our experience of beauty becomes the foundation of beauty for others. If we love, that too is transmitted. If we honor, it is felt everywhere. If we pour our love and concern into the works of our hands this too will unfold inside the lived experience of beings all over the planet and perhaps the galaxy. As we become astonished at the glory in the world...it no doubt shimmers in gratitude!
How to paint the essence of a soul...all I knew was it felt bright...very bright and that it needed a sense of expansion... Maybe a blinding light...a deep reminder that who we are is so much more than we think we are...and so is every single living thing.
What if every single, centrated being in the world was calling out to every other thing...”do you love me?”
“do YOU love me?”
What if we could unreservedly respond “Yes...I love you ...your radiance drops me to my knees in reverence.”
“I respond by radiating my love to you!”