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Experience a Taste of Marci’s Ten Powers of Universe

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Space Painting Detail
“Space” (detail)
36" x 72" acrylic with mediums on canvas
In 2007 Marci learned about a class called The Lightning Path given by Pamela Eakins (who Marci had experienced as a vibrant and deeply intuitive interpreter of the Tarot...) and Brian Swimme, Ph.D., a reknowned mathematical cosmologist. Marci didn’t have to investigate what this class was...
Centration Painting
54" x 54" acrylic on canvas
it simply yanked her to her feet and she heard the instructions. “You! Go!” She said yes to those instructions. Marci is actually quite used to taking these sorts of instructions when Universe speaks~~ so she listens and then acts and then takes her full on willingness into the dawning prospect!

The Lightning Path blasted Marci open to the complexities of the cosmos and shattered long-held traditional beliefs. After about six months she heard herself say to her partner, Jason, one morning...“I want to paint the powers of the Universe I am learning about.”
Attraction Painting
54" x 54" acrylic on canvas
He responded encouragingly and asked later during breakfast when she was going to go and buy canvases. She said “oh, I don’t know... I don’t have room in my car.” He looked at her questioningly and she said...“well they need to be really big canvases and they won’t fit in my car.” In his deep support Jason invited Marci
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas
on an expedition in his van to go buy canvas, and that day brought home the first of a series of 60 x 60 canvases that now make up this present work. The first power was completed in November, 2007 and the last completed March of 2009.

These Powers of the Universe captured Marci’s heart and mind...there was a loud and compelling message hammering to be heard...she heard it in the talks by Brian and Pamela...in the walks in Golden Gate Park, in the rowboats on the Stow Lake, in the story of Tatonkah, in the orchids in the pavilion,
54" X 54" acrylic with many mediums on canvas
in the sounds of her own breath as every morning she meditated on the “assigned” ~ “I am Universe breathing Universe.”The message was~~~~ THIS IS BIG!!! These powers are real and what if people actually knew they embody every one of them? What kind of a world would we have then?? IF I KNEW absolutely that I was this moments’
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas
culmination of evolution... that the process that started 13.7 billion years ago had landed right here, right this minute in my little body...to show up and see all there is...to love it...to appreciate it...to honor and participate in its care...what IF we all KNEW this...wouldn’t we treat each other with kindness, dignity and respect?

The powers began moving through Marci first with a learning, then a movement, then sounds arrived and then the canvas became like a screen receiving the swirling colors that were beaming out
54" x 54" acrylic on canvas
from behind her eyes and simultaneously passing right through her body to push the instinctual, the sensate, the bone-knowing right on to that flat 2 dimensional canvas. This work has been calling out many ideas of how it might want to be seen in the world...much of the time the work wants people to simply
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas
MOVE in front of it... It seems to Marci to be calling out—a song... a lament and an exaltation— and the sound of a possibility for a way of being that our dear and precious planet is clearly screaming for us to hear.

We are magnificent and fragile beings...we have evolved from the moment of the first fireball through every single tremulous second and we arrive here quivering with anticipation...we have a center...each of us...we are one and yet we are one among many. We are attracted to life and each other in more ways
54" x 54" acrylic, medium,
mixed media/collage on canvas
than are countable...we create our experience every day and the fact of our paying attention to ourselves with consciousness indicates we are still evolving... We pause, we stabilize what we have learned...some things do not have to be recreated everyday and we feel that solidity.
54" x 54" acrylic and misted diluted acrylic on canvas

We experience great upheaval...cataclysm ...and that makes room for the next newness... for the unexpected combining that is so much more than the sum of its parts...it is synergy...and in that new combination we transmute if we are willing to die to ourselves...to go into the dark, to pray, to look, to disintegrate, to become other than we ever imagined...and we come out and we then create or list symbols so that in our ever awakening consciousness we can leave a path for those yet to come.
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas
We have glimpsed the truth that love never dies, but our bodies do, and we allow ourselves to be absorbed into all there is ...to become one with ourselves and with others and then in the place where we are most lost to ourselves we suddenly burst into radiance and shine brighter than the sun, and others gather and we share this light and we know ...we KNOW we came to the planet for this...to be maybe only this particle in this moment that trembles with the force of life and with absolute generosity we hand it to another.