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“Sixth Power of Universe - Synergy”
54" x 54" acrylic on canvas

The power of synergy is the combined action of separate entities, which, when working together have a greater total effect that the sum of their individual energies or selves.
At every level of being and throughout all periods of human history, Universe draws beings together into new relationships in order to give birth to novelties that could not exist outside of these relationships.
For example...
oxygen = gas;
hydrogen = gas...
H2O = liquid!
Synergy is the power that brings forth sunlight out of a collection of atoms, life out of a collection of molecules and ideas out of a collection of neurons. Synergy refers to the magic at the base of existence, a magic that creates new modes of being out of nothing but relationship.
Swirling primary and secondary colors all emanate from a single tiny black dot in the center of my canvas... from nothing but that dot to wild, spiraling, energetic color...and together an energy of pure relationship.