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“Seventh Power of Universe - Transmutation”
60" x 60" acrylic on canvas

The Law of Transmutation: To be a thing is to be a thing in the midst of change.
This is a fundamental fact of existence.
To be is to be in the midst of change.
So change lives somehow in the core of each thing. And each thing—whether there is an awareness of this or not—is participating in a process of transmuting into something different.
Universe and Earth aim to bring forth Beauty and the only place this can happen is in the bodies that now exist in Universe. In order for new beauty to emerge, things have to change. When the caterpillar closes itself up in the chrysalis, it produces juices that deconstruct almost all of its inner form. Only a few cells, imaginal cells, remain...but out of these the new and beautiful butterfly can emerge.
Earth is aiming at an exalted world where a vast and diverse Community shudders with the ecstasies of shared life.
The shadow on the ground of the live oak in our front yard lies over the colors that pulsed behind my eyes when I imagined being inside a cocoon...wild, intense and coming alive...I am rocked with amazement when I contemplate the unimaginable truth of a tiny acorn becoming that mighty tree.